NXT Scouting Report, 11/20: The Proof is in the Pudding


How does a dirty dread-locked hippie heel wrestle like one? If a performer is supposed to embody their character at all times, what can CJ Parker add to his arsenal? I’m thinking a finisher that incorporates a healthy amount of naturally deodorized armpit. On the plus side, last night Generic White Guy NXT Announcer finally admitted that Parker’s cause is 100% legit. A heel whose arguments are valid but is a massive dick about it is wrestling gold. Also, one of Parker’s main gags is his “There is No Plan B” stance on taking care of the Earth. Have that guy cut a promo on Interstellar! A plan B planet is the whole cockamamie plot of that flick. Massive missed opportunity for a cultural tie-in.
Tyson Kidd using the Sharpshooter, claiming Bret as blood, and co-opting his famous catch-phrase are all nuclear heat generators. Kidd is working on another level than anyone else. Push this man.

Tyson Kidd – 203%

CJ Parker – 67%


The NXT crowd cheering the Ascension after they beat up Enzo and Cass, who they went WILD for five minutes earlier, was the dumbest crowd moment I’ve seen in a long time. I get the idea of liking everyone to the point of happiness, but I see that emanating more from appreciating pure wrestling skill than character work. This was the crowd just putting themselves over. The Ascension are working their ancient Egyptian Illuminati lovin’ asses off. Boo them when they beat up guys you love as much as Zo and BC. It’ll help them succeed, I promise.

Enzo & Big Cass – 92%

The Ascension – 87%

The Mechanics – 5%


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