Monster Mash

While still a safer choice than Sami Zayn at the moment it was happening, Finn Balor winning the first spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match over Zayn and Roman Reigns was the most intriguing going forward because he’s the only one of the three who seems to have a real chance to get the briefcase in the first place. Roman winning the Money in the Bank ladder match would either turn him heel — which they don’t want to do — or force him to announce beforehand when he was going to cash in the briefcase (then actually have him do it). And given that they’ve never really pulled that move before, it seems unlikely they’d waste it a character they’ve already established can already earn a World Title match basically whenver he wants.

That doesn’t mean Roman won’t be in the match — it’s only marginally harder to imagine him winning the briefcase than losing against Jinder Mahal next week during their inevitable “grudge match with a chance at the contract up for grabs” storyline next week– just that he’s not going to win it. For Finn, a victory earned in this way (meaning somewhat sneaky and not totally clean, but without doing anything even resembling cheating) seems to indicate that he has a better than average chance that he’d win the contract.

Whereas with Zayn even moreso than Roman, it’s likely he doesn’t even really want in the match to begin with. As he’s likely learned better than anyone, the problem with these kinds of things is that always someone who will come along and powerbomb their best friend through a stack of ladders just to prove a point.

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