Monster Mash

Here at JMS HQ, we are some of the few, the proud, the true Unhindered Jinder-ers. And, quite frankly, I think I speak for the whole team when I saw we are ecstatic with the way Mahal was used last night against Chad Gable. First, in a solid match, that more than made up for the muddied message — which seemed to be “Jinder can’t even beat an injured tag team cruiserweight working quarter-speed, despite having been WWE World Heavyweight Champion last year” — of their previous encounter and then in the post-match beatdown of Gable.

And that’s because Jinder’s entitlement gives him a real edge in a way that would make an authority figure actually nervous, even if they weren’t a pushover in other instances. Jinder is one of the few character who has both the means and the opportunity to do, essentially, whatever they want because they don’t have to worry about this job as a financial concern. Of course, every WWE superstar in real life is doing at least pretty well for themselves financially, depending on where they are living and how much merchandise they sell. But Jinder’s character is a Million Dollar Man of Chaos that must be dealt with carefully and deliberately lest their sense of entitlement — and the requisite angst that comes with being denies something they want — be allowed to fester into a place where it becomes dangerous for everyone on the show.


While the work they are doing in the ring is pretty fantastic — and Drew McIntyre is in a “young swingman having a breakthrough playoff series right before a contract year” zone right now — I’d like some more backstory (even if it were just more of a push with backstage/dotcom exclusives that don’t also feel like a Snap.

Seriously, though, Drew:

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