Monster Mash

I am v. v. disappointed that there does not appear to have been an official announcement from Titus Worldwide that A) they appear to have changed their name to WORLD-WIDE (Concurrent Imagination Hands) and B) added No Way Jose officially to their roster. How is Dana Brooke going to be able to keep track of his stats if she doesn’t know if he’s on the team? Smdh. Oh, speaking of which, it’s nice to see The Revival look like The Best Tag Team on This Planet in a six-man tag that they don’t get the pin in. But at least No Way Jose looked good taking the End of Days from Baron Corbin, something he should probably get used to for the time being.


While it can normally be annoying, having both triple threat MitB qualifying matches make liberal use of the No-DQ rule almost worked. But the egregiousness of the Riott Squad’s interference on behalf of Ruby Riott towards the end felt like it should have at least received some admonishment from the ref. Even after Sasha‘s old best friend Bayley came to the ring on her behalf would have been fine. I understand that there’s definitely some leeway to be given within any context, but do the refs somehow cease having the ability to have people who aren’t participating in the match removed from ringside? If someone’s, I don’t know, leaving an airbnb while black, don’t call the cops (or their helicopters) on them. But if a group of people are setting fire to a New Hampshire town over pumpkins, maybe some law enforcement is necessary. Wrestling truly is a microcosm of life.

It worked, however, as the Riott Squad didn’t get the victory with Ember Moon winning as a very fun choice for the first name attached to the match. Though given that there are only like 5 eligible women for the Money in the Bank ladder match on Raw, it seems likely that one of her two opponents (if not both, considering Alexa might be injured) will be making it into the match anyway. However, they still managed to have what was probably the match of the night — which is not shocking considering Ruby and Sasha are two of the best workers in the company — and definitely the end spot of the night with Ember’s Eclipse continuing to be just the right side of precarious for another week.

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