While blocking this show out timewise is likely a nightmare from which they feel like they cannot awake, giving this segment so much time did nothing to raise the stakes and even less to build up from what began as a nonsensical segment before turning into perhaps Seth Rollins’ second finest moment of 2014 (after breaking of the Shield). The meat of this story was on the back-end, with the photo above the real money part of the angle. It boggles the mind why it took twenty minutes of Seth Rollins calling out John’s name and obscurely hinting at ambiguity before we could get to that piece of gold, but, in this case, the destination¬†was the journey.

And, more importantly, as the venerable Ramon Villalobos put in on the twitters last night:

Which is ultimately what the WWE needs to start doing: more explicitly treating the characters like distinct entities in their own distinct stories that just so happen to butt up against each other constantly. With a smaller roster, and no meta-humans in sight, this is obviously more difficult than it would be for Marvel and DC, but it’s something they need to start doing as they transition from a live entertainment show into a multimedia cross-platform content producer.
And for those who wonder why Seth Rollins is the future: he had me at “You should know me, John, I’m going to kill this guy anyways.”
Seth Rollins is King of The World


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