Juice Make Sugar’s Spoiler Alert: 4/22 – 4/25

Vickie Guerrero announced that HHH & Stephanie had the night off.  She said the main event would be another 3 on 11 match involving The Shield.

Thank God, we’d fallen asleep two weeks ago during the main event of Raw, so getting to see a replay of it tonight seems like an awesome idea!

Cesaro b Jack Swagger clean with the Neutralizer.  Cesaro worked as the face even with Paul Heyman with him.  After the match The Shield destroyed Swagger with a Triple power bomb.  The idea is The Shield is taking out all the heels before the main event.

Oh, we see what they are doing. We don’t hate it.

Tamina Snuka b Natalya with a superkick

This we hate a lot.

The Shield destroyed 3MB backstage

Poor poor 3MB doesn’t even get the chance to embarrasses themselves in public before The Shield embarrasses them privately. Or, as private as it gets while you are being filmed in a locker wearing leather pants.

HHH was called and was mad at the direction of the show, told Vickie Guerrero to go home and put Brad Maddox in charge.


Curtis Axel b Jey Uso

Good to see the superkick shoe is on the other foot in the build up to The Usos/RybAxel at Extreme Rules. Making the Usos appear vulnerable isn’t a bad thing, especially if they are attempting to subtly show how much stronger the two brothers are as a team. And hopefully, with the Brotherhood’s troubles, it’ll mean that they are trying to establish Ryback and Curtis Axel as formidable singles competitors who are quickly gelling as a team.

The Wyatts came out for a promo.  Bray bragged about how all the fans are deserting Cena.  Fans were cheering him as he went to the top of the cage and started singing.

While the entire internet explodes over the idea that Bray Wyatt may be “turning” “face”, they seem to ignore that it was going to likely come with a change in direction for Cena. While the worry warts will complain about ruining a perfectly good thing they have going with Bray, the idea of him naturally becoming one of the biggest stars in the company as quickly as he has is way more important than anything that may or may not be in his future plans.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan b Cody Rhodes & Goldust.  More miscommunication issues with the Rhodes Brothers here.

Bray Wyatt’s Dueling Banjo Band may not be the nail in the Brotherhood’s coffin, but it seems like they will be the hammer that comes down on the top of that nail.

The Shield laid out Maddox backstage.


They were scheduled for Santino Marella & Emma vs. Fandango & Layla, but that match never happened as The Shield laid out Fandango.

It’s hard to say what’s better: that in the hierarchy (there’s that word again!) of performers, the Dancing with Stars reject who once told Renee Young she “wasn’t even a real journalism” was a bigger threat than the poor man’s Leaping Lanny Poffo or that we don’t have to see Santino and Emma’s cobras make out.

The Shield b Ryback & Titus O’Neil & Damien Sandow &  Alberto Del Rio & Bad News Barrett.  Barrett ran off but The Shield destroyed everyone else.

I’M AFRAID I’VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS! … well, actually, it’s good news: Bad News Barrett is the chosen one.


What sounds like a fun running storyline cultivated from the days of yore on top of  a show that involves a Cesaro/Swagger match, an Axel-Uso and Shield vs. five of your finest mid-card heels means that this is somewhere between a should watch and must-watch. If Torito and Swoggle made it on the show, it might put it over the top.

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