#HWETW Top 10 – Heat

10. “Go Away Heat” – X-Pac

In short: if you love to hate the character, it’s heel; if you just hate the character, it’s the Scrappy; if you hate the performer, it’s X-Pac Heat. – TV Tropes.org

Sean Waltman seems like a fundamentally good guy. A little rough around the edges, sure. But no any worse than, say, Dean Douglas or Tony Schiavone. Why he ended up becoming the go-to example for people we wanted to see well, go away, is a mixture of things. According to TV Tropes, which explains the concept in hilarious detail,  it wasn’t just his push that made him so hated. Nor was it the stable — “X-Factor” — that came from it, the length of it or even the perceived “Kliq”-related reasons behind it. It was that it was partially the fault of fans who chanted “X-Pac sucks” in the first place.

Others examples: Dean Douglas, Tony Schiavone, Roger Goodell 

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