Infinity War, Part 1

Ronda’s transition to a main character on Raw will be the star of the show following whatever happens at SummerSlam. The burst of energy from SummerSlam weekend should jumpstart a promotional push for WrestleMania that will rival almost every concept of what the WWE is capable in terms of multimedia crossover. The E is roughly a theme park and cartoon mouse mascot away from being Disney for half-naked circus enthusiasts of all ages, and that’s something which has grown over the years as the WWE as truly professionalized its media outreach operation. With stars like Ronda, the Miz – who we covered earlier and will get to again in a few grafs – and even Spinster Cena leading the charge, we are as close as ever to professional wrestling passing hockey as America’s whitest fourth most popular regional sport.


If the whole purpose of the Bar is to lose meaningless mediocre matches on tv shows in between wins in slightly-above-average matches at PPVs, it’s still unclear to me why this can’t be The Revival, who will likely never be singles competitors and will thereby likely never have to deal with the consequences of somehow being one of only a handful of people to be pinned by a member of the Fashion Police and not be immediately sent to The Wasteland/wherever the Ascension sits in catering during shows.

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