Infinity War, Part 1

Speaking of storyline acceleration, how quickly Ronda and Nattie go from friends to two people standing next to each other with three arms between them is the first time I believe the WWE has had a genuine under/over bet. My guess is that Nattie and Ronda get a prominent match at the next PPV against Absolution, before Nattie becomes jealous of Ronda and receives an arm-y-otomy by mid-June.

The reasons behind Mickie serving as a proxy for Alexa, as they’ve established a partnership (with some interstitial dislike to spice things up) but what purpose Ember Moon serves for Nia is something they need to do a better job of establishing answers to. Inquiring minds want to know: Is there a mentorship going on?What does Ember mean for Nia as a babyface?  Did Nia finally discover you can’t trust white women, because they voted for Drumpf?

Though, regardless of who Mickie voted for, the bump she took on the Eclipse was the kind of thing people should write dissertations on.

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