Infinity War, Part 1

If the WWE could be slightly more assuring of Bray’s non-impending heel turn, this entire Woken Warriors experience would be a lot more enjoyable. As it stands now, instead of being able to appreciate the joy that is face Bray, I spend most of my time wondering how the WWE managed to spend the last five year building a tag team division and all they have to show for it on their flagship brand is two teams consisting of singles also-rans who have both ran through everyone the division has to offer.

On the other hand, there’s a problem for performers like The Revival – and someone we will get to later, Dolph Ziggler – that’s entirely a function of their underlying personas or personalities but with consequences outside of their control. If you constantly say you are the best, you actually have to be allowed to be the best every night and you have to a new kind of best every night. While as a singles competitor, Dolph has given away pretty much every trick in his bag over the years in an attempt to reach the “brass ring,” that gets you the protection his character so desperately needs, #FTR can turn things around if they continue to focus on themselves as The Literal Revival Of Tag Team wrestling and not on calling themselves “the best tag team on this planet”. The former is a nebulous concept that eventually develops into the latter, while the latter is reminding the audience of a concrete failure they’ve had.


A nice leisurely stroll along the banks of Main Event tapings would work best for The Revival, but second-in-line for a feud with the newly added Breezango is a good place to start. The Bar is too big and far too accomplished individually to give the Revival a chance against them in their current state, but give The Revival to paint wrestle pictures in their tag team matches and they’ll be ready for the Bar in three-to-six months. Maybe. Presuming the stay healthy, which seems somewhat unlikely at this point.

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