Fantasy Booking: WrestleMania XXXIV

RAW Women’s Championship Match  

Alexa Bliss (C) vs. Nia Jax

The Dream: Alexa tries publicly apologizes to Nia, who proceeds to Samoan Drop Alexa so hard that she ends up as finishing the match as the same height as Nia and Charlotte, leading to next year’s triple threat match between the three wherein Alexa gets Rookie of the Year‘d and shrinks down to regular size just before the match.

The Nightmare: Alexa beats Nia in less than two minutes, then makes fun of her weight more while she cries and maybe a thinly veiled racial slur? I mean, the blubbering in her blubber shit was super fucking gross to begin with, tbh.

The Hope: Nia beats Alexa as quickly as possible.

The Reality:  Probably some combination of The Dream and The Hope, with an uneasy feeling that The Nightmare might occur at any time.

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