Fantasy Booking: Money in the Bank (2018)

Intercontinental Championship Match

Seth Rollins (C) vs. Elias

The Dream: Seth brings the flame scepter from his WrestleMania 33 entrance, while — after, of course, being imbued with mystical powers by a mysterious gypsy — Elias takes possession of the ability to emit sonic waves from his reconstructed IC title guitar, which leads to a frame-by-frame recreation of The Music Meister episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

The Nightmare: After bringing the flame scepter from his WrestleMania 33 entrance, Seth accidentally sets the entire building on fire and is fired from the company before the match. Elias’s guitar is lost in the tragic accident, forcing him to borrow a ukulele from a member of the crowd,  which leads to a frame-by-frame recreation of the the “Crippled Summer” episode of South Park.

The Hope:

The Reality: This may be the hardest match of the night to pick, if not necessarily predict. Which is to say that I really really love both of these performers and want nothing but the best for them both, although I agree with all the signs pointing to an Elias victory. This is a function of not just his momentum — moving him from novelty act to integral part of the show’s midsection — but Seth’s incredible past few months,  have propelled him back into the stratosphere he was before blowing out his knee in 2015. While it’s unlikely to happen, there seems to be no good reason for Seth to not be next in line for a shot at Lesnar (or, at the very least, whatever is left of Roman after he *finally* beats Brock).

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