Fantasy Booking: Backlash 2018

Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

The Dream: Joe’s gonna kill him.

The Nightmare: Roman’s going to look strong.

The Hope: That this is going to be the point at which we actually begin to see cracks in the Roman Reigns “Big Dog” character, as he navigates a world in which he isn’t just unable to reach the top of the mountain, but is seemingly unable to get back on the trail he was taking to begin with. Roman has real talent, but it’s not being used in a way that’s allowing him to engage with the audience the way he was before he became the anointed future of the company. Hopefully, matches like this are his way of getting back there.

The Reality: Roman is going to look strong, but Samoa Joe will likely end up achieving some kind of serious moral (or post-match beat down) to bring at least part of Reigns’ hide back with him to Smackdown.

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