DON’T LOOK BACK! Angry Andy Books WrestleMania 32

The New Day vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. American Alpha vs. Prime Time Players vs. Ross & Marshall Von Erich vs. Dudley Boys  vs. The Usos vs. The Hardy Boys

Gauntlet Match, Tag Team Championship Match

Here’s how I’d book this:
New Day start off in the ring with a promo, because they’re the New Day, and they’re awesome.

Cue Enzo & Big Cass’ music. They make their full entrance, complete with Enzo’s sing-along promo on the way to the ring. They go back and forth for a bit, before Enzo and Cass eliminate the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Up next, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. They go another couple of minutes, and eliminate Enzo and Cass, who made their presence felt on the entrance and their finish.

Then we get the Prime Time Players, for some main roster star power. The former WWE Tag Team champions quickly dispatch the fastest-rising team in NXT.

Up next, a tribute to Texas wrestling, and the Hall of Fame Von Erich family, as we get an appearance from Marshall and Ross Von Erich. The third generation wrestlers can be accompanied to the ring by their dad, local hero Kevin Von Erich, and steal a quick pin over the PTPs.

The Dudleys are next. They go back and forth with the Von Erichs, making the boys look good, but ultimately getting the pin with a 3D.

Enter the Usos, who finally deliver a matchup we’ve been waiting for since The Dudleys made their WWE return. Usos win clean.

Last but not least, a big surprise return. Since both Hardy boys are reportedly close to the ends of their TNA deals, this could happen, and it could be good. Crowd would go insane the second the Hardy Boys (I’m not saying “Boyz,” deal with it) theme hit, and not settle down until it was all over. I’d have Matt and Jeff come close, but the Usos get the win.

The belts land back on the Usos. The Hardys and Dudleys are back to have good matches and make stars of the current tag scene, the crowd gets to meet two top NXT tag teams, and the local crowd gets a big hat tip to its local history.

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