D.B. and The Bear

Sitting through a Big Show talk segment is an exercise in discipline. You really want to hit fast forward on the remote, but since it’s live you can’t. And since you are undoubtedly also recording How I Met Your Mother at the exact same time, it’s impossible to switch to a third show (thanks, Verizon) until after the first 8 minutes. Wait… what? I’m the only person on earth with that problem? Weird.


So, it’s probably blasphemy to say this given the quality of the work, but maybe Daniel Bryan/Dean Ambrose matches aren’t the best things to be on the go-home show for a PPV that Bryan is main-eventing. While all three have compelling matches with Bryan, unlike the other two members of The Shield — who were unavailable, of course — Ambrose’s style doesn’t make Bryan look good in and of itself. Reigns and Rollins both give Bryan a specific story to tell. Ambrose just looks cool, mostly.

Saving the running knee as a match finisher for PPVs is one of the more subtle type of things that the WWE has done to make PPVs seem more special. Maybe they should try having clean finishes? (I kid, mostly.)