Bobby and His Sisters

It’s a bit of a surprise, given how much better of an amateur wrestler Chad Gable is than everyone up to and including Dolph Ziggler, that he’d lose relatively cleanly in such a short time. Dolph is, to be fair, a multi-time World Heavyweight, but this seemed like it had a chance to be a showcase match for Gable instead of a match he never quite felt like he was in to begin with.

Far less of a surprise was McIntyre’s post-match attack, which is perhaps the first time where it’s felt like there was a misstep since he’s arrived on the main roster. It wasn’t a massive mistake or even one we’ll remember next week, but it didn’t really send a message beyond a very vague call for backup. If McIntyre had done something that emphasized the considerable size difference as well as the framing in their backstage segment did — specifically where McIntyre stepped into the frame to eclipse entirely Ziggler and Angle while towering over Gable — this would have been a much more effective Bat signal for Gable’s much bigger, Kurt Angle-related friend to help him out with McIntyre instead of a generic S.O.S. to anyone willing to be of assistance (which, as well all know, is always answered by Kofi Kingston rain or shine.)


Like the WWE App matches of old, having Natalya in a qualifier for MITB against Dana Brooke, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan doesn’t work either narratively or as spectacle because Natalya is just the least bad choice out of a group of terrible ones. That she’s also the only one who is publicly besties with Ronda Rousey now is at least mildly frightening, at least for those of us who prefer their PPVs with as minimal an amount of Nattie as possible.

It’s also a little unclear as to how a cohesive group of three women couldn’t beat two others in a no-DQ match that only requires one of the two other women to be pinned. I love Ruby and I enjoy the Riott Squad a great deal, but they have a harder time getting over their opponents than Asbolution does and that shit doesn’t even exist any more.


As Corey himself begged, I sincerely hope that Elias can finally be rid of this Bobby Roode feud so he can fulfill his destiny as the greatest musical insult comic since Sean Cullen. Admittedly, not a high bar. Nor is getting Albany to cheer how shitty it is, but to paraphrase a man much wiser than me: Don’t knock Sean Cullen, it’s hard enough to get on the charts in the first place.

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