Bobby and His Sisters

Stephanie McMahon hosted the Women’s Championship contract signing for Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey‘s Money in the Bank match, and did a surprisingly great job of dressing down the best two performers in the women’s division but in a way that they would have if they had actually been able to cut promos. Unfortunately, as it stands, between the two of them they can give you only about 95% of a good promo. Most of that is Nia Jax, who at the very least is able to make it seems like she’s done this shit before.

Ronda, unfortunately, continues to seem to think they can fix everything in post-production. She seems to have trouble, if not necessarily remembering her lines, than definitely her cues and marks. I think these are all things which will come with time, but for right now she might want to cool it on the mean mugging after every sentence. Otherwise, she’s going to become the Most Memed Woman in Wrestling in addition to the Baddest Woman on the Planet, which isn’t nearly as good as it sounds.

That this didn’t end in violence of any kind was a bold choice, if only because it’s unclear if this is the last chance to see these two together before the show. While that’s normally how it works in most combat sports, having the number one contender for the Women’s title AND the actual men’s champion missing in action for months at a time feels like the same ticking time bomb of resentment and poor ROI that led Rome to get sacked by the Visigoths.

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