Bobby and His Sisters

So, here’s a question that’s more of a statement: Which is receding quicker, Baron Corbin‘s hairline or No Way Jose’s push? Given that Corey Graves literally said “Go away, Jose” my money is unfortunately on No Way Jose‘s conga line getting cut short way before whatever it is that’s growing off Baron Corbin’s head does.


Chad Gable cozying up to Kurt Angle seems like the first step in the reformation of American Alpha, which also makes me think that the entire thing is a set-up for them to either A) turn Jason Jordan and Chad Gable against each other again or B) Jason Jordan against his “dad” for siding with Gable, essentially retconning the storyline (if not the facts, per se) of their relationship. While that would/will be fun,, it just makes me wonder why they didn’t go with that in the first place. You know, instead of deciding it was more important to rib Kurt Angle about stupid (and, depending on what part they are actually ribbing, incredibly tasteless) shit instead of helping someone with a real future get over with the help of a silly-ass pro wrestling storyline instead of in spite of it.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, showing up to talk shit to Gable was the next step in what appears to be a slowburning resurrection of Raw’s tag team division. Between ZigIntyre, Alpha, The Deleters of Worlds, The Revival, the conspicuously absent Authors of Pain and a smorgasboard of  jobber teams, there’s an undercurrent of organic development at least between pairs of talented individuals mixed with the established teams promoted or traded to the show that’s being done under the radar in anticipation of a major push for the division as a whole.


That, of course, starts with the two most important teams in the division right now: The Fashion Police and the B Team. This is only half a joke, as they represent (along with Rhyno and Heath) the exact spread of jobbers that you can build dreams on. Clearly defined, very over tag teams composed of great workers are just as necessary on the top of the division as the bottom. That all four of these performers are, quite frankly, top-of-the-card level workers on most independent shows in the country is also a nice touch.

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