Bobby and His Sisters

If you had Seth Rollins in the “Who’s coming to help Roman?” pool, congratulations on tempering your disappointment with managed expectations! Though, I’m not sure tempering the “no Seth Rollins IC title defense” disappointment with an understanding that an increasingly unhindered Jinder is the only thing keeping Roman out of Money in the Bank will work for everyone.

At least Seth got to have that scorching hot tag followed a well-curated homage to George Clinton at the end. Monday Night Rollins don’t break for daydreams, he’s stomping all night long.


Apparently, brutally attacking his colleagues with furniture after their work-sanctioned fight was over is what got Jinder what he wanted this whole time: His very own official match card graphic with a green background. It’s really his color this season and, as I’m sure he’ll explained to Roman, that’s where a lot of his aggression was coming from.

Oh and in case you were concerned, that’s the logo for WWE Champions, not WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. While I’m sure we’d all like to live in an alternate universe right now, one where Jinder Mahal is still WWE champion and Drumpf is still president seems like it would be pretty low on most people’s lists no matter what side you’re on.

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