Bang for Your Buck PPV Review: Royal Rumble 2015


The New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension

Best Case Scenario: The surprisingly spry New Age Outlaws do an extended riff on their match against the Shield from WrestleMania XXX, allowing The Ascension to go over and get over while show that they can actually work as opposed to stand around while other people do it for them.

This was exactly what it needed to be, no more, no less. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg continue to ageless wonders than wonder-what-age-they-ares, and they showed just enough in this match that it didn’t look either like a fluke or a squash but a definitive victory for one of the teams over the other. Again, this isn’t a match you write home about, but it certainly did its job when it came to serving a purpose both teams going forward.

And, while it may seem minor, the fact that they seemingly recovered from both Konnor lining up on the wrong side of Fall of Man-based finish AND the scorn of JBL is good for the development. So they have going for them, which is nice. A full blown “Legends Killers” gimmick would probably be even better.

Match .45 | PPV 1.0


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