Bang for Your Buck PPV Review: Survivor Series 2014

WWE Divas Championship Match

AJ Lee (C) vs. Nikki Bella

Best Case Scenario: The Inception-level story nesting continues, and it turns out that if the referee counts to three, it’s the real world and not a dream.

What Will Happen: Probably Brie interference on Nikki, backfires, causes AJ to lose title/quit wrestling forever. LOLJK, that’s next month. You gotta pay for that shit.

For an 18-second match, this match had a lot of intrigue and mystery behind it. Are Brie and Nikki okay again? At what point did they decide they’d be doing that little bit of twin magic? What does this mean for all three people in this match going forward? Will the Brie-AJ kiss be the most replayed clip in the history of WWE on YouTube and/or the Network? This, more than almost anything other than the last match has me dying to see what happens next.

Match +.5 PPV 2.35


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