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This week on Headlock’d, Punk’s still gone, the Road to Wrestlemania is paved with rumors and Michael Cole makes Michael Hayes look like … Michael Cole.That made more sense in my head…
Let’s Lock Up!

It’s Headlock’d! The show that takes everything you loved about the past week in the WWE and throws it over the top faster than Santino. In this episode, it’s the Clusterfunk of the year, and we take a look at who’s going “way over the top”…see what we did there?

Just like the Oscars, sometimes certain Slammys aren’t deemed important enough to make it to television. Unlike the Oscars, sometimes certain awards aren’t deemed important enough to make it onto Because Headlock’d leaves no stone unturned, we have the script for the award show that shines a light on the unsung heroes of the WWE: The Supplementary Slammys!