Angry Andy’s Top 10 WrestleMania Replacements for Brock Lesnar

For those of you living under a rock, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion was supposed to be featured this week on Raw.  Instead, he walked out on the show and flew home.  Rumor has it the beast incarnate was pretty pissed over something regarding his “business relationship” with WWE.

You can read into that however you’d like.  I see it as WWE wanted to know if Brock was sticking around, and then low-balled him on money.  I’d be pissed, too.

But now WWE has to face the very real possibility that Brock may be gone for good, and that he may not wait until March 29th in San Francisco to make his exit.  Triple H says there’s always a plan b, but is there?  I sure hope so, considering I’m flying across the country to watch this show.

If WWE doesn’t have any backup plans, well, they’re in luck.  I’ve got 10 suggestions they can go with, and I won’t even take a commission.  Maybe a seat upgrade or a VIP package at ‘Mania, but otherwise, consider this top ten list a gift.


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