Angry Andy’s Top 10 Replacements for Bill Demott as NXT Head Trainer


9. X-Pac

Why it works: Sean Waltman was, for a long time, the guy you went up against to see if you could hang.  If you had a good match with Kid, you got more shots.  If you fucked up, you were done.  That simple.

Waltman is a great worker, who loves wrestling, and has a lot to offer the business.  Forget about “X-pac heat.”

Remember how you connected with him as the 1-2-3 Kid, how he edged up as Syxx, and how you grew up with him as X-Pac.  Now realize that he was a young ass dude for all of that, and can still spend a decade or two helping groom a generation of talent.

Not to mention, Waltman has been through some serious shit.  Drugs, alcoholism, suicide attempts, Chyna.  If anyone can help future superstars with what to do, and not to do, it’s X-Pac.

Why it makes me angry: Triple H’s boys taking spots.  That’s all.

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