Angry Andy’s Top 10 Picks To Win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series

cesaro4. Cesaro

Why it works: Brass ring comments aside, Cesaro is literally everything WWE wants in a #1 star. He’s absolutely jacked. He’s handsome. He’s a goddamn god in the ring. Plus (and I speak from experience here) the man can handle himself quite well in an interview, which means he’ll be solid company representative in the media. The crowd is solidly behind him, printing out thousands of “Cesaro Section” signs in cities across the U.S. Fans are pulling for him the way they did for Bryan, and that’s loyalty you can’t buy… but you can damn sure market.

Why it (probably) won’t happen: Oh, you like Cesaro? Here’s The Big Show. They have 3 minutes. Big Show is going over, clean, and Cesaro is getting literally zero offense. Enjoy, you stupid millenials!


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