Angry Andy’s Top 10 Picks To Win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series

Sting9. Sting

Why it works: Oh shit, we have an actual legend who people will still pay to see? Maybe we should take advantage of this, and give him a little “thank you” run with the title. Have Sting hold the belt through, I don’t know, the Rumble? Then you set up your Mania title bout, AND another marquee matchup for the Stinger.

Why it (probably) won’t happen: The fact that Sting got hurt in his match with Rollins is probably going to scare WWE away from putting Sting in the spotlight for too long, which likely rules out any real chance of a title run. It would be fun to have Sting’s WWE Championship victory highlights play during his Hall of Fame induction, though. But screw you. You get Sting losing to Triple H.


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