Angry Andy’s Top 10 Picks To Win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series

dean ambrose1. Dean Ambrose

You know who’s over? Dean Ambrose.

You know who pinned the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, and celebrated with the title? Dean Ambrose.

You know who could probably turn Roman Reigns heel by becoming the babyface champion? Dean Ambrose.

Not to mention, the guy is TOPS when it comes to moving merchandise, crowd reaction, and exciting matches.

I’d pretty much lose my shit if Dean Ambrose wins the WWE Championship at Survivor Series… which is why I really don’t expect it to happen. A man can dream, though. Right? Right.

Why it works: Ambrose is super-duper over and has a built-in feud with Reigns right from the get-go, and can also rekindle his feud with Rollins upon his (eventual) return.

Why it (probably) won’t happen: Ambrose is cool, but decidedly not Roman Reigns.
My prediction? Ambrose vs. Wyatt in the main event. Reigns costs Ambrose the championship.



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