Andy’s Uninterested: A WWE TLC Preview

Charlotte Paige

Charlotte (c) vs. Paige

WWE Divas Championship Match

If these two would stop talking about who started a revolution, and instead focus on who is the best woman on the WWE roster, this feud would have a lot more heat. Instead, it’s “you’re milking your family’s legacy, and I started the revolution!”

The good news is they’re FINALLY giving Charlotte a little bit of a character… even if it is as simple as “she takes after her father.”

I’ll be angry if: Paige turns again.

I’ll keep my cool if: Charlotte retains, and continues to tease a heel turn.

I’m expecting: Charlotte wins with a distraction from Dad.

If I booked it…: Charlotte wins with a little heel flair, then gloats to Becky Lynch, setting up her next challenge. Paige moves on to a feud with… Sasha? Yeah. Make it Sasha.

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