Andy’s Top 10 Reasons to be Angry: Wrestling with Racism, and a New Nation

1. Vimce McMahon & The N-Word

Booker’s fourth and final appearance on this list.  You may remember (hopefully not) that Vince McMahon was once our ECW champion.  He immediately became a do-rag wearing gangsta, which should have been bad enough.  If only that was bad enough…

One particular racist day, Vince McMahon ran into Booker T backstage.  In a moment that Vince appeared to have dreamt of all his upper-class white life, he’d ask Booker point blank, “what’s up, my n***a?”  Booker would respond with a bug-eyed “tell me he didn’t just say that,” the audience laughed, and it was quickly forgotten in canon. But any way you slice it, the billionaire head of a global corporation dropped the n-word, to a black employee’s face, on worldwide TV.

Take a look back at this list, and study it good.  Then, the next time you see Kofi, Big E and Xavier Woods on WWE TV, you’ll be ready.  Just stand up, place your fist in the air and in a loud, clear voice, say with me: WE THE PEOPLE…are the nation of domination.

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