Andy’s Top 10 Reasons to be Angry (or scared): When Wrestlers Make Music

2. Jeff Jarrett/Road Dogg – With My Baby Tonight

Okay, so this song was brutal.  Listen to it.  If you can make it all the way through the song, I’ll buy you a beer of your choice.  You just need to collect it at the bar of my choice.

The thing that makes this pile of crap awesome is how effective it was for both guys.  It got Jeff Jarrett some pretty great heel heat, because a) the crowd didn’t like it, and b) the crowd knew he didn’t sing it.  But when it came out that Jeff didn’t sing it, but the Roadie did, it gave Roadie just enough of a bump to get him over as a lower midcard face.
It was kind of like if Xavier Woods stealing Brodus Clay’s theme song and backup dancers worked to get anyone over.


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