Andy's Top 10 Reasons To Be Angry: Why You're NOT Watching Raw Tonight

fuck jbl

8. JBL

I was a JBL fan. Was.  Now, I need JBL to go home, and stay there.
Last week on Raw, for what felt like the 800th time, he started burying the opening segment within the first 60 seconds.  It was unlistenable, and it continued through the entire show.  It was mind-boggling, and it ruined the show.  For me, at least.
Whatever contributions this guy was making by coming back and lending his “talent” are not worth diminishing the quality of the show.  In an era where new talent need to get over, and get over strong, and get over quickly, you can’t have this guy out there burying every new guy to get called up from Orlando.
A heel commentator doesn’t need to bury the segment, the character, the angle, or the show. Heenan didn’t. Ventura didn’t, 90s Lawler didn’t, even when he was feuding with the babyfaces.  But JBL does.  Nobody benefits from it, which means everyone loses.

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