Time to Go, Brother

One step forward, two giant steps back.  It doesn’t matter what example you point to – it’s the rule at Impact Wrestling.
Remember when the company introduced the six-sided ring?  Love it or hate it, the ol’ hexa-ring was an attention-grabber – and something uniquely identifiable to TNA.  Same goes for the X-division.  And the Knockouts.

A lot of these things were big steps forward.  All resulted in huge steps back, courtesy of Hulk Hogan.

Gone went the X-Division as you knew and loved it, Jack.  And gone went the Knockouts.  All we really need anyway is Brooke, Dude.  Now watcha gunna do?

Remember when Hogan decided to take Impact to the next level, by moving the show to Monday nights?  How long did THAT half-cocked experiment last, before it went the way of the wire hanger?

Remember Brooke Hogan? Bubba the Love Sponge? The Nasty Boys 2K12?  All Hogan.  That should be enough to warrant a crucifixion, but I’ll continue…mostly because I haven’t gotten to my point.

Hogan went on and on about how if Impact was gonna go to the next level, Brother, it had to leave the Impact Zone.  Take the show on the road, Brother.

So it did.  And not only has the move been a total failure, it’s financially crippled the company.  NO ONE is buying tickets.  Impact is papering the hell out of every city it visits to get JUST ENOUGH people in the seats, to make the show look good enough to get by.  The company is laying off complete nobodies and nickel-and-diming its stars, because the touring TV costs far more than anyone had ever stopped to consider. They even had to cut the number of pay-per-views (which, ultimately, is a GOOD thing.)  Now they’re looking to bring the shows back to one central location again.  Good luck.

Quite frankly, the decision to take the show on the road almost killed the company.  Someone has to be held accountable, and it’s not AJ Styles, Ken Anderson, or faceless X-division guys or knockouts.

It’s the Hulkster, Brother. And wouldn’t you know it, rumor has it Hulk’s contract is almost up, and he’s not happy.
So let him go. Don’t offer him anything but a handshake. As he leaves, mumble something about his future endeavors.
Now’s the time to send a message to the guys and girls in the locker room who sacrifice EVERYTHING for Impact Wrestling.

Get rid of the overpriced deadweight. Point the finger at him for having old, antiquated ideas that just don’t fit in with a company that’s on THE CUTTING EDGE of professional wrestling. We’re not here for talk and patronage jobs. We’re here for exciting pro wrestling and incredible athletes.

Hogan hasn’t helped anything. He hasn’t increased ratings. He sure as hell hasn’t increased money. He can’t payoff storylines because he can’t wrestle.  He isn’t drawing for the company, period – so cut your losses. Let Vince overpay him if he feels compelled, but let him go. For every Hulk Hogan you can get rid of, you can hire back 10 X-division stars, knockouts, announcers, or whatever.

That would be a step forward.

Hiring him back with a pay hike and a promotion?  That would be typical TNA.  And it wouldn’t be Hulk if he didn’t show up with some very expensive friends and family.

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