Andy’s Angry: The (rumored) Death of Impact Wrestling

ultimate x

Take everything I said about the Knockouts division, and apply it to the X-division.  It fits, and then some.
The X-division was the BEST thing about TNA for a very long time.  Forget the six-sided ring, the X-division was THE identity of TNA.  AJ Styles vs Chris Daniels vs Samoa Joe headlined pay-per-views.  Elix Skipper’s ‘rana off the top of a cage was a highlight reel moment for YEARS.  It showcased an incredible segment of the wrestling talent pool that would NEVER get a fair shake in WWE.

Now?  Your entire x-division consists of Senada, Tigre Uno, DJ Z, Ausitn Aries (sometimes), Manik (sometimes), and….

That’s it?  Oh dear god.

You know who does the X-division right?  Ring of Honor.  With their entire roster.

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