Andy’s Angry: The (rumored) Death of Impact Wrestling

impact zone9. THE IMPACT ZONE

I get the point of TNA running the soundstage in Orlando.  It saved them a TON of money over the years.  Instead of booking arenas, selling tickets, booking travel…TNA had a home base.  No travel, no nonsense, no extra bills.  Great.

You know what the problem is?  TNA set the precedent that its fans never had to spend a dime to enjoy the product.  For all the packed houses at the Impact Zone, not a single one ever drew a penny.  Not one penny.

You know what the other problem is?  Those fans got REALLY spoiled.  They thought TNA OWED THEM.  They thought they were more important than the folks watching at home. They thought they were more important than the people spending money on house shows, pay-per-views, merchandise.

They weren’t.

TNA catered to those fans, instead of the paying audience.

Wonder why you see all those pictures of empty house shows?  TNA caters to freeloaders, and instead of the people who could keep the company afloat.

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