Andy’s Angry: Fantasy Booking the Survivor Series (on the WWE Network!)

I’ll admit, it’s far from perfect.  But I slapped this together in about 90 minutes, while watching Family Guy, and with absolutely nothing at stake.  WWE has had weeks (or longer) to work on their card, with the future of the entire company at hand, because the powers that be have put most of their eggs in the Network basket.  The show you watch in two weeks should be much better than the card I just wrote up.  The show WWE presents should do a better job of selling the Network, selling the gimmick, selling the Superstars and Divas, and selling what could be perceived as a deeper roster.  Should.

Right now, I’m more excited to see whatever comes next with Randy Orton than anything that’s been announced for this show.  That’s a problem.  The good news for WWE is that it’s not an irreversible one.

And before I go, remember one thing—the WWE Network is available FREE this month, and after that, it’s just $9.99!

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