An SOS for Kofi Kingston

It’s a good time to be a wrestling fan. WWE seems to be clicking on all cylinders. Not only are the major angles all really good, but they’re also doing a great job of tying in a good chunk of the midcard. Almost everyone has something meaningful to do.

Almost, but not everyone.

Watching Daniel Bryan deface Randy Orton’s new ride Monday night made me think of another time an upcoming babyface destroyed Orton’s car. And it made me think about what he’s done since then.

Of course, I’m talking about Kofi Kingston, and the fact that he’s done absolutely nothing.

Kofi seemed like he could be the next breakout star, during his championship feud with Orton. A few cool segments (like destroying Orton’s NASCAR) and some good, highlight reel spots…and then it was over.

And when it was over, the only one who was still over, was Orton.

Since then, Kingston’s done absolutely nothing. No memorable matches or promos. No angles, period. Just a bunch of total-filler midcard title reigns. A few throwaway tag teams with cute , throwaway names, and interchangeable, throwaway tag team partners. Air Boom? Whatever.

Kofi has some cool, flashy moves, a unique style, and easily mimicked mannerisms. It seems to be enough to keep him over enough for effective filler, and sell lots of crap to young fans. But why should “good enough” be good enough?

Kofi could be a big star. Number one? Probably not. But he could be wrestling Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship… in time.

So how do you rebuild Kofi? Let him TALK, and make what he does matter.

Kofi returned from injury, caused (in kayfabe) by Ryback. He came back smiling like nothing ever happened. He NEEDS to confront Ryback. Ryback has been bullying everyone he can for weeks now. On Raw, have Ryback come out and make a total bitch out of Michael Cole, even Jerry Lawler. Kofi comes out, kicks Ryback in the face, referees break it up. Week 1: done.

Over the next few weeks, Kofi gets his ass kicked, but talks about standing up to bullies like Ryback. Be a star, Kofi. We see highlight videos of Ryback putting Kofi out of action, and Kofi coming back to stand up to the Rybully.

Kingston vs Ambrose on PPV, US title. Ambrose wins, clean or with help from the Shield. Shield leaves Kofi laying. Enter Ryback, who comes out and KILLS Kofi. Easy heat, building to a match on the next PPV. Kingston stands up to Ryback, a la Jeff Hardy standing up to American Bad Ass Undertaker. Whether he wins or not, he needs that moment that makes him LEGIT. That makes him tough enough to take on ANYONE, and make sure heels know they can’t get away with treating him like a joke.

It’s the difference between Kofi Kingston being a real player, or just another face on the roster.

Play your cards right, and Kofi Kingston can be the guy facing ADR for the World Heavyweight title at Royal Rumble. I won’t hold my breath, though, because when it comes to Kofi, everyone seems to settle for “good enough.”

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