Andy Will Be Angry If…: WWE Payback Edition

Cena Rusev

I Quit Match – WWE United States Championship

John Cena (c) vs. Rusev

This whole match has been built on two little details: John Cena refuses to quit, and there is dissension between Lana and Rusev.

With so much focus on Cena’s refusal to give up, you’d think he almost HAS TO GIVE UP, right? Right.

But Lana has been very noticeably growing in popularity with the crowd, and she’s been very noticeably groomed for a babyface push. So you’d think she almost HAS TO break up with Rusev, when he fails to take home the title, and he blames Lana for the loss, right? Right.

And that leaves me a little bit… up in the air, I suppose. It makes the scripted ending in the land of the obvious a little less certain, which is always exciting for this smart mark.

But I can’t help but over-analyze, and try to figure out what’s going to happen here. My best guess? Lana keeps Rusev from cheating, and encourages Cena not to give up. Rusev snaps on Lana, Cena takes advantage, and Rusev taps. Cena leaves with the title. Then, tomorrow night on Raw, Lana begins her transition from fake Russian to real American.

Oh shit, she’s going to become Hogan’s girlfriend, isn’t she?

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