What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: WWE Payback Edition

BNB Neville

King Barrett vs. Neville

Best Case Scenario: A match the ends with King Barrett or Neville or both looking like the major star(s) they both have the potential to be. Or, if there is a God/Lord Jesus Christ, Barrett and Booker T. starting some sort of Royal Court stable  consisting entirely of people with nigh unintelligible accents.

Worst Case Scenario: Being King just leads to Barrett doing the same “lose every week unless it’s for the title” character he’s been essentially any time he’s ever held a belt, but with significantly less charm than it had the last time they did it. Or, Adrian Neville being finally forced into a full blown Mighty Mouse gimmick which requires him to wear a mascot costume whilst wrestling.

What Nick Wants to Happen: The magical precision of Neville to, as it has in recent weeks, jibe perfectly with Barrett’s extremely organic roughneck style to create a match of the year candidate between two of my favorite performers. Or, Barrett hitting Neville so hard with the Bullhammer elbow that he sends him into another dimension where his name is Neville Adrian.

What Will Happen: A match that goes far beyond solid and directly into the realm of “that’s what an Neville match is supposed to look like.” Or, a match that makes Barrett look like the wonderful supervillain he’s being groomed to be for the future.

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