What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: WWE Payback Edition

Ziggler Sheamus

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

Best Case Scenario: “Brogue! Brogue! Brogue!” And also, Ziggler taking a bump that gives him back top billing on the Rollins-Ziggler scale.

Worst Case Scenario: Zig-Zag! Zig-Zag! Zig-Zag! A) Because “throw a guy down on his back” is a silly finisher and “slam a guy on the back of his head” is a dangerous one, especially when you get the same effect with a superkick¬†and B) Sheamus needs, as Andy rightly said, a win and a win now. He’s not getting buried, nor would he be adversely affected by a loss, but a win here would help re-establish him as a monster heel capable of being a Celtic Thor gone bad.

What Nick Wants to Happen: Kicks, punches, kickpunches and punchkicks.¬†All mixed in with some mid-match smack talk, one of your correspondents favorite bits of wrestling minutaie — it helps with the suspension of disbelief and subtly stands as a testament to their physical conditioning — and a vastly underrated skill for both of them.

What Will Happen: Dolph Ziggler will be made into an Arse Kissin’ man after being knocked the eff out by a sneak Brogue kick. I’ll die a little inside.

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