Andy Will Be Angry If…: WWE Hell in a Cell Edition

Brock Taker

Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

Hell in a Cell Match

I was really excited for this match…at Summerslam. Then we got Undertaker doing his best impression of my grandma while mocking Brock’s laugh, a Lesnar middle finger, and a bullshit ending. This match needs a big, decisive ending, or it’s not worth the main event slot. Hell, it wouldn’t be worth a spot on the show.

I’m not optimistic.

I think these guys will have a decent match,but I think they’re going to rely a LOT on crowd reaction and gimmicks. I don’t expect the satisfying conclusion we actually need… even though that’s how they sold this match.

I’ll be angry if: We get another fuck finish. Someone needs to win, and someone needs to lose.

I’ll keep my cool if: We get a real decision.

I’m expecting…: Undertaker wins, followed by some heel team run in, so Brock and Taker can both leave as babyfaces.

If I booked it: Brock Lesnar murders the Undertaker and steals his wife, because he can.


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