Andy Will Be Angry If…: WWE Hell in a Cell Edition

Cena Open Challenge

John Cena’s US Championship Open Challenge

So, Cena’s heading to the bench for 6-8 weeks, so let’s assume that whoever answers the challenge is getting the belt.

This automatically disqualifies a solid portion of the roster from even thinking about a match. I’m looking at you, Fandango, Adam Rose, Zack Ryder, Heath Slater, etc. So who could, realistically, answer the call?

Tyler Breeze: Imagine if he won the title in his first match? He could then use that as a way to taunt Dolph Ziggler. seeing as he was able to beat the champ, but Dolph wasn’t. The risk? Breeze could find himself in that “I beat Cena, now what?” rut, which we see all too often.

Darren Young or Titus O’Neil: Both are very over, and fully capable of putting on a good match. This could be fun, especially since neither has much of anything going on at the moment. Why not?

Damien Sandow: Want to reintroduce the Sandow character, and make him a real threat? Here you go.

Dean Ambrose: This one may be the best bet. He was left without a spot on this show when Orton went down with a shoulder injury. Ambrose is probably the top babyface without a real storyline right now… and a strong US title run could remedy that.

I’ll be angry if: Wellllllll… well it’s The Big Show!

I’ll keep my cool if: The title lands around the waist of someone who deserves it.

I’m expecting…: John Cena to retain over someone large, but uninteresting, like Big Show or Mark Henry.

If I booked it: Damien Sandow would introduce a new character, and take the title.

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