Andy Will Be Angry If…: Triple H vs. Roman Reigns

If I Booked It

The fans see Roman Reigns as the Corporate Champion… a guy who doesn’t deserve to be “the guy,” but is being shoved down its collective throat as “the guy.” This, even though WWE got behind Roman after the WWE Universe cheered him, as a heel, as the muscle in The Shield.

Let Roman channel that anger, and hatred, and let him spit it right back at the WWE Universe. Let him come out and say exactly what he thinks about all the fair-weather friends who turned their backs on him. Let him unleash, and then let him not give a shit at all.

I’d have Roman win the title. During his victory celebration, Roman Reigns murders Dean Ambrose. He cuts a short, simple promo about how he didn’t need Dean’s help, and he didn’t the crowd’s help, either. He’s in this for one man, and that’s Roman Reigns. Then, you unleash him as the monster heel he’s meant to be.


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