Andy Will Be Angry If…: Triple H vs. Roman Reigns

Best Case Scenario

Once upon a time, WWE took a good-looking, athletic young man, and tried to launch him to stardom as a babyface.

The fans revolted. The fans booed him out of buildings and, with genuine hatred, chanted at him to die.

That man told the fans to fuck off, and went on to become one of the biggest stars in not only wrestling, but the entire world of entertainment.

Ever heard of The Rock?

Granted, Roman Reigns is not the Rock… but he’s no chump, either. He’s talented in the ring, and delivers in big matches. He can deliver a decent promo, when it’s not written by a child. He’s good looking (as evidenced by my girlfriend drooling through his segments.)

The best thing that could possibly happen for Roman Reigns, and his WWE career, would be an emphatic heel turn. Let him be the same incredible badass he is now… but with his silent-but-obvious political backing brought to the forefront. We all know he’s the chosen one. We all know that the “powers that be” see him as THE GUY. Embrace it, and let the crowd react appropriately.

Give it a year or two, maybe more. The crowd will come back around and not only accept Roman, but demand him as a top guy. But it has to start somewhere, sometime. The time and place is Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas.

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