Andy Will Be Angry If…: The Roman Rumble Edition

Royal Rumble Match

WWE Championship

For the record, the image above is the image is using for this match. It’s not some random bullshit photo I found. WWE thought that picture was the best way to promote this match.


There are only 3 possible outcomes to this match: Roman wins, Brock wins, or Triple H wins. Everything else is a near impossibility. If you’re hoping for WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, or WWE Champion Dean Ambrose, or WWE Champion Finn Balor, go home. You’re drunk.

I’m not so excited about this match, or the outcome. I’l pretty excited to see what kind of “avoiding elimination” spot Kofi Kingston comes up with. I’m excited to see what NXT guys get a pre-call-up Rumble cameo. I’m excited to see if AJ Styles debuts, and how the crowd responds.

This used to be one of the most exciting nights of the year. Now? I’m just waiting for the high spots.

And Reigns breaking the record for most eliminations, and most time spent in the Rumble match? Those don’t count.

I’ll keep my cool if:


If I booked it:

bryan wins

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