Andy Will Be Angry If…: The New Day vs. League of Nations

Best Case Scenario

I want to see The New Day make a spectacular entrance. I want to see Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods show off, in ways they simply couldn’t as heels. I want to see Big E go blow-for-blow with the heavy-hitting heels, and show off some of the untapped charisma that nearly guarantees he will, someday, be WWE Champion.

I want to see to see Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio shed their “boring” stigmas, and be presented as the world-class athletes they truly are. I want to see Rusev rise above the past year of horrid booking, and rebuild the character that was destroyed after WrestleMania loss to John Cena. I want to see Bad News Barrett show up and remind us why we got behind him and his bad news in the first place… before WWE cut his legs out from beneath him, and he was sidelined with yet another injury.

In the end, I want to see Big E chasing a singles title, and Kofi and Xavier continuing to defend the Tag Titles… while the New Day remains a stable. I want BNB to return to delivering bad news, and I want the rest of the league to rebuild, and resume their climb up the card.

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