Andy Will Be Angry If…: Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar

Best Case Scenario

To get the most out of this match, Dean Ambrose is going to have to lose.

To get the most of out that loss, Dean Ambrose is going to have to put up an incredible fight.

Dean Ambrose is going to have to have a moment where he comesĀ this close to winning the match… something he’s has a lot of lately.

The match is not what is important here. What matters most is the follow-up.

It’s the moment where the fight goes out of Ambrose, and he loses. It’s the moment where, after realizing he’s lost, he continues to fight. It’s the crowd’s reaction, and acceptance of Dean Ambrose as a top guy… asĀ the top guy.

If done right, this moment will be remembered as fondly as the double-turn spot between Bret Hart and Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13. It’ll be the moment that plays over and over in highlight packages, focusing on Ambrose’s toughness, willingness to overcome, and determination to rise to the top.

It’ll be the moment that takes Ambrose from being a star, to a future Hall of Famer — where he’ll stand among the legendary lunatics endorsing him.

A loss is not a burial. In this moment, if done right, a loss is the birth of a legend,

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