And the Crowd Goes “Yes!”

Next week will be #HBKWeek (spoiler alert), so I’m not going to get too in-depth with how I feel about him right now, but I will say one thing: out of the all-time greats, HBK is probably the worst talker. It’s not that he’s a bad talker, per se, and he’s cut good promos, but of the guys in the pantheon of professional wrestling, HBK is the worst to listen to from promo-to-promo and even for special occasions. It’s as if the bad parts of Y2J, HHH and Kevin Nash had an unfunny love child who couldn’t put anyone over other than himself.

And this may be something that is mentioned every week, but Randy Orton should never be anything other than one of the top heels on the show for the next 10 years. Unless you really want to sell t-shirts based entirely on someone playing every role Josh Hartnett has ever “performed”.

How you know Randy Orton hasn’t reached Super Saiyan: not only has the Miz come back less than a month after being killed dead in front of his family members, but he didn’t come back as Mordecai.

Speak of the Devil: