#AmbroseWeek – Top 10 Future Opponents for The Lunatic Fringe

Bryan Wins

10. Daniel Bryan

We had enough Shield vs. Daniel Bryan magic that this is a no-brainer. A vindictive heel Ambrose trying to yet again injure and sideline Bryan forever? That’s just printing money. Also, it’s a good idea to include Bryan on every single one of these lists to make sure we don’t just resign ourselves to thinking he’s not coming back.

9. Samoa Joe

I’d love to see Samoa Joe brought up to the main roster as muscle for Seth Rollins once his eternal feud with Ambrose gets rekindled. Joe’s got all the chops to either make this a technical feud vs. an unhinged brawler or a straight up street fight. And if he’s mixed up in the best ongoing matchup WWE has, it’ll make everyone look great. And jesus would Joe be more credible than Kane. And I love Kane!

8. Sheamus

They’d kill each other, and the heel/face dynamic might be the most crystal clear out of any possible in WWE. It’s kinda of a big problem outside of John Cena matches when a crowd is split or not really invested in who wins, even when it’s two wrestlers people think are “cool.” Everyone loves Ambrose, and no one likes Sheamus. Everyone can get behind this one.


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