#AmbroseWeek – Top 10 Future Opponents for The Lunatic Fringe


1. Roman Reigns

Was there any doubt? Betrayal is the best ingredient for a professional wrestling feud. Seth Rollins betrayed Dean Ambrose once, and it was pure chaotic bliss. But that partnership was a business decision that morphed into respect and professional necessity. We alway knew it would end one day, and as sad as it was we never saw much beyond their in-ring partnership of the Shield.

But Roman and Dean? In most WWE scenarios, they’d conveniently have let the bond slip away, only mentioned when Rollins entered either man’s attention. Instead, they’ve become a rarity in this medium: true brothers, bonded by the years they’ve relied on each others firsts and all the cold beers after the work is done. The are friends still because they’re no reason why they shouldn’t be,  and it’s kind of shocking when such a simple story beat is actually allowed to breathe in WWE. And that’s what will make what happens next so unbelievably tough to stomach…

It doesn’t really matter who turns. Ambrose wins the WWE title and a bitter Reigns, who never won the big one, and lashes out at his best friend. Or Ambrose finally gives in and embraces the evil we all know is in him. What does matter, however, is the utter pain and sorrow of the man who gets left alone will be heartbreaking, and that pain will fuel one of the great feuds of all-time. We’ll all have to drink a lot of post-match beers to get over it.

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