#AmbroseWeek – Top 10 Future Opponents for The Lunatic Fringe

sami zayn

4. Sami Zayn

Besides turning on his best bro and illustrious hair model Roman Reigns, this is the best matchup to maybe turn Ambrose into a real heel if Daniel Bryan is gone. Nobody sells peril like Zayn, and it would go a long way into establishing Ambrose as a merciless killer.

3. John Cena

They had a fantastic match in the first US Open Challenge on the night after WrestleMania 31 (I was there!!), so this is another no-brainer. Cena vs. Anyone is kinda the best thing ever right now, and Ambrose channelling the anger and energy of the Cena Sux side of the crowd would get some of the best reactions in a long time.

2. Kevin Owens

I’d be slightly worried this would turn out a lot like the Ambrose/Wyatt feud, which didn’t work ultimately because fans really didn’t care who won the matches, as they were desperate for either to get a big win. But, unlike Wyatt, Owens can explicitly detail what this feud is about at all times, and he’ll keep Ambrose on point. We’ve seen what Owens can do with Cena in the ring, turning him from 5-Moves of Doom to IndyCena straight outta Reseda. I can see him doing the same with Ambrose, who has a tendency to drift far away from anything resembling a man trying to win a wrestling match.  That character works when Ambrose is white-hot mad at his opponent and in such a rage we’re right there with him. But I’d love what he could do in a more technical matchup mixed with that vitriol. This is the feud that can do it.


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